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32 to 64 Bit Computing

A lot of PC software today is optimised for 64 bit processors. These processors are enabled to ‘run’ at faster speeds, meaning better software and productivity. Also, under 32 bit systems, your OS will only allow you to use 3GB of your RAM, meaning whatever excess you have will, effectively, be wasted.

 But even if your computer is 64 bit enabled, your OS might not be. And know it or not, the major operating systems do not make it easy for you to upgrade – namely being Windows and Mac.

So when I installed Windows 8 on my computer, I was told it would be easy to upgrade. They were wrong. I was running a 32 bit version of Windows Vista, which wasn’t too bad. When I purchased the disc from my local store they said to simply insert the 64 bit disc (as it came with 32/64), which I had assumed. But when I inserted the disc, it said wrong disc, please insert 32. After a bit of fiddling around, I found some luck. I did it in a few steps, but had I known this before, it would have saved me a lot of time and hassle.