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The Never Ending Battle of Best Buy

It has come to my attention that we are always striving to find the best that we can have, whether that product incorporates technology or is simply a product from another range. We always think that we should get the best, and everything until we find that miraculous product is obsolete. We think that anything but the best will do. But then we take that product home and realise.

We begin to realise that if we had gotten any of those products that we were looking at that we would be happy. That the device, whether it be a camera or computer, would have been satisfactorily. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t research your purchase, I’m just saying to have a look at different products in different lights. It is probable that you will eventually find some product that will not suit your needs, and that for the most part you will be happy with your purchase.

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Xbox One – Not All It Seems

The Xbox One was shown just a week ago. Whilst a lot of hype is evident, both throughout the media and personal conversations, there are some noticeable drawbacks when it is compared to both its predecessor and Sony’s new console. Microsoft has really kicked itself in the face this time, and for a variety of reasons. Some of the drawbacks are:

Xbox One Reveal

  • The inability to play used/second-hand games
  • Cloud Based Computing – Hindrance or a Blessing?
  • Kinect
  • Lower Processing Power
  • Optimised for Entertainment – NOT Gaming
  • Region Locked – Games must be purchased from the same country
  • Microsoft’s inability to make new GUI Interfaces

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The Importance of Updating

So it was just a few days ago that I was trying to play a game on my pc. Of course, this computer wasn’t top of the line, but it suffices to do most things that I need it to do.

After installing the game, a fairly simple process and applying the update I started to play the game. For those who are wondering what this game is it is Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, it was made made Redlynx in conjunction with Ubisoft.

For those interested, Trials is a fast paced game where the player controls a motorbike that is stuck on the x axis. In essence, it is a ‘3-D’ platformer, with fairly good graphics. Redlynx has released most of their series into Xbox Arcade games, with only one other game made for the PC. This game is Trials Second Edition. I believe this game (Trials Evolution) to be one of my most played games on the computer, and with lots of levels to play in.
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