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The Importance of Updating

So it was just a few days ago that I was trying to play a game on my pc. Of course, this computer wasn’t top of the line, but it suffices to do most things that I need it to do.

After installing the game, a fairly simple process and applying the update I started to play the game. For those who are wondering what this game is it is Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, it was made made Redlynx in conjunction with Ubisoft.

For those interested, Trials is a fast paced game where the player controls a motorbike that is stuck on the x axis. In essence, it is a ‘3-D’ platformer, with fairly good graphics. Redlynx has released most of their series into Xbox Arcade games, with only one other game made for the PC. This game is Trials Second Edition. I believe this game (Trials Evolution) to be one of my most played games on the computer, and with lots of levels to play in.
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