Are the days of Windows gone?

Windows used to be a great operating system. Even with the major flaws present during the era of Vista it managed to fix mostly all issues surrounding user complaint. Yet is Windows slowly being pushed from behind into almost certain doom?
Stocks are falling, people are losing faith and Windows 8 is such a hybrid, never truly working on a tablet as it should have because of the super-small buttons, but less desktop friendly than they could have ever imagined. In many ways Windows has failed to find a user base, evident through the failing Windows phone line.

Windows should learn to admit defeat and give consumers what they want. Consumers don’t want a computer that has endless possibilities and can edit the filesystem in numerous ways. Consumers simply want something that works. That is, in reasonable terms, why the iPad surpasses all sales over it’s other competitors, it works. It is optimised for the device, not an ugly hybrid between the two, works fast and often instantaneous in opening and closing apps. A mixture between the Windows tablet hardware and the iPad operating system would be a matchmaker, again and again.

Yet as previously mentioned, Windows is so stubborn in its ways that it will never realise that by forcing a way of living (computers rule our lives, don’t deny it) upon its consumers, it only draws them further away. It is time for Windows to follow the lead of others, to use what works and stop taking risks that will never seem to work in the slightest. Risks are good, but if an entire user base hates the concept, it is time to drop the act and admit the mistake.

I’m sorry Windows, your days of ruling a population are over, and instead you are plummeting towards the Earth by forces out of your control, seeing doom when your parachute won’t open.

Is this the tragic end of Microsoft, one of the oldest computer manufactures and developers? Stop staring at the ground spinning around you, and focus on the things that you can change.

There is time, all you need is hope.


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