The Importance of Updating

So it was just a few days ago that I was trying to play a game on my pc. Of course, this computer wasn’t top of the line, but it suffices to do most things that I need it to do.

After installing the game, a fairly simple process and applying the update I started to play the game. For those who are wondering what this game is it is Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, it was made made Redlynx in conjunction with Ubisoft.

For those interested, Trials is a fast paced game where the player controls a motorbike that is stuck on the x axis. In essence, it is a ‘3-D’ platformer, with fairly good graphics. Redlynx has released most of their series into Xbox Arcade games, with only one other game made for the PC. This game is Trials Second Edition. I believe this game (Trials Evolution) to be one of my most played games on the computer, and with lots of levels to play in.

So I open up the game. My computer easily fits within the minimum requirements, although just below the recommended. So I played the game, sorting through the menus. I open the first level and play. The game is like a slideshow in fast forward. Not impressed, I navigate through the game and alter the game graphics settings. I was then playing the game in a pitiful 600 x 800 resolution, with all other graphic options turned on low or non-existent. I resumed the game, with minimal differences in performance.

I began to feel outraged, thinking that I had just wasted $30 of my well paid money. And yet I wanted to play the game, even if it was free, and so I began to tinker with my graphic settings trying to find the best settings for the game. Again, I only received minimal performance changes.

I began trying to reinstall the game, and failing that ran Task Launcher in the background, checking for RAM usage, CPU usage and other statistics. All of these were well below the 50% mark. Heck, the CPU was at a startling 25% when the game started to lag.

Now I was beginning to get worried. Although with all the changes that I had made, it was far from non playable, it was still far from optimal. Remember, I was playing it at the lowest resolution I could, and with little room for moving around.

Just when all else failed, a few days later, a dialogue screen for NVIDIA came up, stating that it needed to check for updates. Then it hit me. The last time I had ran a graphics card update was several months ago, and for the average users that would be non-existent. I navigated my way to the update, and began to download. After it was finished installing, I opened the game back up. Now I could play the game at a much higher resolution, and with a few more graphics settings ramped up.

That was a pretty defining moment there, and allowed me to play trials much better. Not perfectly, but much better. And that meant that I could continue to play the game that I had spent $30 on.

So if you can’t ever run things you want to, trying running a hardware update, and you’d be surprised at the results. It can actually be quite startling, as graphics cards can sometimes double their capabilities.

Do you have a similar problem? Or do you have any questions that aren’t related to this. Feel free to comment your own or similar problems, I’d love to hear them.

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