After much procrastination I don’t believe that my particular audience is particularly interested in tutorials on how to do things on the latest technology. Fr that I believe Google will suffice, and my results will surely not follow in the top ten, something that most people do not look beyond.

However quality content is the key, and I will be recounting various difficulties that I face when using computers, and giving word of mind of how I overcame them. So instead of a mindless blog with no passion behind it, I believe I would rather not have the full content as I would of rather hoped, but rather a true blog about technology.

For those listening in, please don’t think that I am giving up on giving everything tech related. I am simply going to try a different approach in order to gain attention and momentum.

Now that I have said my mind, I believe that I would rather stop now, instead of boring you to death, and with no chance of my fellow readers following me or giving me feedback on how boring I am.

As always, please feel free to browse my blog, nothing I right is confidential, it is published to the web and so it should stay that way.

I hope you return in order to see how the website is going, and hope you all the best for your own blogging 🙂


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